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Let's make something beautiful together.

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Lyric video for Laugh Again, a deeply personal song about grief and hope from The Table EP.

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My name is Daniel.

Born and raised in the corn fields of Baroda, Michigan. Now living in South Bend, Indiana. 

My last EP, The Table, was recorded in the mountains of Durango, Colorado at the studio of producer/engineer Michael Rossback (The Brilliance, Gungor, and a bunch of rad bands you need to hear like Roo and the Howl). 

Some of the songs are meant to be sung together in triumphant solidarity, others are more reflective, uncomfortably honest.

Sonically, you'll hear straight up indie rock (think Death Cab, David Bazan) with hints of southern vulnerability (Jason Isbell, Ben Kweller).

Storytelling is important to me. Even though many of these songs are personal, I hope you can find yourself in them. Whatever you're going through, you're not alone.


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